Trinity American Eskimos
Listed: 6/6/2012 United States, MO, Everton
Our love of American Eskimos began in the 1980’s and has led from that first puppy love to encompass a very fun and fulfilling aspect of our lives with training and showing them. We live in the country in Southwest Missouri near Springfield and Branson. We got our first Eskies when our children were growing up. They added so much fun and energy to our family that we were frequently asked “where can we get one of those puppies?”, so we decided to breed Eskies. We have selectively bred now for over 20 years. Our goal has been to always try to improve the quality of the Eskies, and to educate and mentor our new puppy owners. In the fall of 1999, we purchased a male for our females, and were encouraged by his breeder to show him. We’d had some limited exposure to shows, but now we started showing seriously. We’ve had a great time and wonderful success these past 5 years showing these delightful and fun loving Eskies. We now have 2 UKC Grand Champion males, 1 Champion male, 7 Champion females and 1 up and coming male puppy. In March of 2004, we began showing in AKC shows and after only six weekends out, we ended up at the Eukanuba National Championship in Tampa, FL with the no. 15 American Eskimo. We feel that our success in the showing is a blessing from God and the result of years of selectively breeding Eskies that meet or exceed the breed standard. While we have enjoyed showing the dogs, they are so much more than show dogs. They are wonderful companions, excellent with our 8 grandchildren and have great personalities. They are great watchdogs and everyone’s best friend. Their intelligence and ability to learn is truly amazing. Our breeding program has focused on temperament, size and coat, and we feel that we have reached most of the goals that we set in these areas. Please feel free to view our beautiful, intelligent and fun loving Eskies.
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Contact: 417-491-4634